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When it comes to Search Engines Optimization we first recommend visiting Google SEO Starter Guide. You need to understand from the organization that controls your search results. Once you have a basic idea of SEO search engines, then you can begin the process of optimizing your website with known best practices. Currently, the latest way to optimize your on-page for search engines is by using a correlation software or manual correlation of the top 10 results of search engines. The easiest at first is to make sure the main keyword is to correlate the top ten rankings of search engines if they have the keyword in the title, headers, and how many mentions in the body. This for years was a no brainer, to just blindly add your primary keyword to those three. But, this may not be the case, as some top results have no exact mention in the title, header, and or body. Also, for highly competitive terms, you need to check weekly to see what has changed with the correlation of top-ranking websites, in order to stay on top. Google search engines has live algorithms and broad core updates. The live algorithms can show instant results of making changes or a delay in results. So, keep in mind if you make search engines changes, and then force Search Console crawl, and do not see instant results, hang on for at least a couple of weeks before making more changes or reverting back. These delays are known within the SEO community as a way the algorithm is playing with manipulations. Search Engines SEO is time, and time is everything in SEO. So, do not expect much your first year in organic rankings (only if the competition is extremely low, or it is a new industry).

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Do I Need SEO?

If you want new clients/customers to find your website online by searching for your name or type of business, then yes you need SEO.

How Long Does SEO Take?

This depends on the competativeness of your industry and the search terms you wish to show up. If this is a new industry and low competition, then it could take just several months. But, if the industry is competitive and associated search terms, it could take years depending on your website metrics to begin with.

Is SEO Worth The ROI?

In the beginning of any SEO campaign the ROI is negative, until traffic and sales catch up to the overall invested as well as the monthly cost investment. SEO should not be your primary focus, and should be a small portion of your marketing budget. Speak to a professional who will tell you what you can really expect or hope to expect.

Is SEO Dead?

This depends on which SEO professional you ask. SEO is changing every year, which means it takes longer, costs more, and search engines can change their algorithm to combat SEO techniques. SEO may seem dead for new businesses who need online business right away, in which 100% of their online marketing budget should go to paid advertising. Speak to a professional who will tell you what you can really expect or hope to expect.

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